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WhydoIhavetotakesupplements?” Because you don’t consume everything your body needs on a daily basis, very few people do. Although everyone differs with their consumption of vitamins and minerals, our five Building Blocks of Good Health should be the foundation of any supplementation program.

Fish Oil:

Taking fish oil daily can help with pain, inflammation, joint stiffness, lipid levels and even your mood. This supplement might actually be better than eating fish on a regular basis, as the fish used in the oil are small and don’t accumulate the toxins that the bigger fish do. Don’t favour fish? Many omega-3 supplements are now available in plant based supplements

Multivitamins or Greens:

The Canada Food Guide recommends 8-­10 servings of vegetables and fruits per day and most of us fall far short of this. A good multi will provide essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help make up for skipped or rushed, unhealthy meal choices. Find a multi that targets your specific demographic – age, gender, or prenatal for expectant females.


A maintenance dose of 11 billion CFU’s per day can improve nutrient absorption, waste elimination, protect your gut from digestive disturbances, and improve your overall immune system. Although some food sources contain probiotics, most have a much lower dose and do not contain the specific bacterial strains useful for many conditions. They are used to prevent gas, cramping, and unsavoury side effects of antibiotics.

Vitamin D:

One third of Canadians have Vitamin D levels below what is considered optimum for healthy bones. Current recommendations are a minimum dose of 1,000 IU during the summer months, and 3,000 IU during the winter. It can help with seasonal affective disorder, your immune system, bone deficiencies, diabetes, pains, and wound healing. Because Vitamin D is found in so few foods, our main source is sunshine. However in Canada our long winters limit exposure and unprotected skin can be damaged by the sun. A healthy oil based vitamin D allows it to be absorbed effectively.


Magnesium might seem like a mundane mineral, but it is pretty miraculous. Some studies suggest it can lift energy levels, combat depression, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, reduce muscle pain, increase bone strength, help migraines, ease PMS symptoms, and aid in cardiovascular conditions and diabetes. As many as 80% of North Americans are magnesium deficient.

It is important to remember that some supplements may not be beneficial to you and could interact with certain medications or supplements. If in doubt consultation with your naturopath, physician, or pharmacist is recommended.

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