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Ian Kruger, Pharmacist-Owner

Well, it is finally my turn to give my feed back to you on our recent name change. Kelly, as always, did a beautiful job of thanking all of our customers for supporting both of us over the many years we have been partners. I still remember the emotions that I had opening Main Street Pharmacy in early January 2008 including fear, uncertainty, excitement, nervousness, and anticipation for the future. What has developed since we opened the doors to Main Street Pharmacy has been nothing short of mind blowing for me. We have progressed over the years from Main Street Pharmacy to Grand Avenue Pharmacy and now Two Pharmacy. I will be forever grateful to the Kimmetts and the town of Cochrane for letting me and my family to be a part of this incredible journey.

As Kelly touched on in his article, there have been a number of staff members that have been with us the whole time. It has also been very interesting to see how some of our high school students have grown up in our pharmacy. We have seen them blossom into bright young adults that will do nothing but good in this world. We had a dynamic sister combination, Katherine and Christa, that are currently attending university in British Columbia. Another long time high school employee, Claire who has gone on to graduate from the U of C and is now a practicing RN. We are so proud to say that these “kids” once worked at our store. We have also seen long time employees retire. Deb retired not too long ago and it has been awesome to see how she has used the retired life to continue to challenge herself and achieve her own personal dreams. Recently we have added another pharmacist to our mix. Ken joined our pharmacy team a few months ago and he has fit in so well. He has such a gentle soul that has so much compassion for others. You can tell by just looking at him that his primary goal is simply to help others.

I have had many people ask what does “Two” mean. I challenge you, our loyal customers to come up with your own definition and meaning. The article written by Reid a few weeks ago was brilliant in describing what the name Two means to him and why the name change.  I would like to put a little spin on that definition and meaning. What I have cherished over my time in Cochrane is the relationships that I have had with so many staff members and customers. It takes TWO to build up those relationships between myself and all of you that I genuinely consider my friends. I feel so blessed to have made so many connections over the years and as a pharmacist my main goal and objective is to serve my customers and gain their trust. I feel that the name change to Two Pharmacy is a natural progression in what Kelly and I have built here in Cochrane.   I am very proud to say that the main building blocks that will keep Two Pharmacy growing and progressing are the relationships that all of our staff past and present have made with all of our customers past, present and future.

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